#MV17 Student Profile: Jennifer Miller

Jennifer wanted a program that taught her new skills without sacrificing creativity. Learn more about why the Media Ventures program was the right choice for her.

What is your background and why did you 14502749_10205810911666448_7276255643394420543_nchoose Media Ventures to supplement your future endeavors? 

I grew up in a small town in southwestern Pennsylvania, so I knew I wanted to get out and experience somewhere bigger, but not quite a city yet. I did my undergrad at George Mason University. I received my B.A. in Communication with a concentration in PR and a sports comm minor. Don’t worry, I’m not fancy, it’s just a lot of words. I also used my undergrad as a springboard into traveling with a two-week course in Kenya and a semester in Australia. After I graduated, I worked for awhile before deciding to apply to grad school. I knew that I wanted to something that could keep me in the realm of communication, but with being more creativity. I always have weird ideas for businesses, products, or anything really so when I found Media Ventures it just clicked. It would teach me how to take the skills I already had along with new ones I would be able to learn to get those ideas out of my head and into the world.

Describe your thesis project and what’s been the most challenging/fun aspect so far. 

My thesis project was born during my undergrad, but I didn’t really know it. I worked at a venue for four years and fell in love with watching people react to the artists they were coming to see. No matter what genre the artist fell into you could look into the crowd and see the same love and passion for the music they were making as fans of other artists that listened to completely different music. I hated letting fans know that their seats were all the way up the steps despite paying hundreds of dollars for them or have to fight to keep people out of empty seats when shows were technically “sold out.” So, I want to create a secondary marketplace that is fair to both fans and artists that reward real fans instead of people that are good at getting their hands on tickets. The most challenging aspect has definitely been finding the confidence to stand up for my idea if people wanted to change it to the point that it would no longer benefit fans. It’s amazing to see how viable this little idea I had has come though because I always thought it would just be a fun idea, not something I might actually be able to do.


What are your hobbies and/or what do you do for fun? 

I’m all over the place with interests and hobbies. Definitely, someone that fits into learn a little bit about everything not everything about one thing. I read, write, and have a disgusting amount of music on Spotify playlists that are definitely getting to the point that I need to break them up into smaller ones again. I am slightly obsessed with my Pittsburgh sports teams. I love to play outside whether it be scuba diving, hiking, or trying something completely new. I do yoga and dabble in photography, which has mostly become film lately that I’ll probably never end up developing. Just a true scatter brain that is way too amazed by the world and what people are doing in it.

What is your advice for future applicants? 

My advice for future applicants is that no matter your background don’t worry about if you’ll fit in. I was super nervous because I knew we would be talking a lot about money and getting into some design aspects of our projects. I had a writing (shameless plug that I just started writing for Pairade…check out my articles!) and PR background that did not teach me those things and I was very intimidated by the people coming in with crazy technical skills. Things I can understand, but definitely, do not excel at, but I think the best thing about this group is that we all come from different backgrounds and bring so many talents to the group. Honestly, if any of us start our companies all we would have to do is turn to the group to have a full, super talented staff.

You can reach Jennifer below.

Twitter: @Jenn_Miller1092 // Instagram: @jmille19


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